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What is DDMS4.biz?

DakTech has been writing various business utilities over the years for clients. These clients include JCU, Hillsong, University of Technology Sydney, University of Wollongong, Centrogen and many more. 

These tools can help systemize and optimize processes and help businesses meet legislation and safety requirements. DDMS4.biz can collect key data for business reporting. This data will help in decision making, strategizing and servicing your customers better. Allowing you to understand trends and better analyze consumer needs, to help you direct your business.  

We have decided to package these successful tools together and offer them to all our business clients. It is a web based software so it can be accessed on any web device, phone, tablet, PC or Mac.  


Software that helps you optimize your workflow.

Why DDMS4.biz? See below some of the features that are included in our data management system software.

Staff certificate & qualifications management

  • Record staff licenses / training records and expiry dates
  • Get reminders in email and on dashboard for upcoming expiring records

Equipment & Asset management

  • Record notes, documents & service history against equipment
  • Get reminders for servicing, expiry dates, reviews, renewals,etc 
  • Print QR codes for quick access to information
  • Keep track of asset location (GPS and Satellite tracking)


Induction & Registration records

  • Keep track of staff inductions
  • Inductions can be linked to certificates so when the certificate expires it flags the induction as not current.
  • Inductions consist of forms, multiple choice quizzes and resources (image, pdf, video)

Online Incident Reporting

  • Online incident reporting
  • Automatic email notifications to board / OHS team depending on class of incident
  • Flexible permissions, restrict access as needed
  • Checklists for processing & following up the incident

Online Risk Assessments

  • Online risk assessments / Safe Work Practices
  • Easy to create
  • Coming Soon: Link to equipment and jobs 

Create a Document Registry

  • Create a homepage for staff with all links, documents, policies and procedures.
  • Optionally, notify staff when new resources are added
  • Secure video hosting and streaming


Online Notice Board

  • Online notice board


  • Personalised dashboard

Add your own Custom Modules

Daktech can add custom modules for your business. Examples already in use: 

  • Job management
  • Quote template
  • Booking systems
  • Trip management
  • Event management

Plus we are adding even more features

Coming Soon: 

  • Job management 
  • HR Tools
  • Registers
  • Password safe
  • CRM
  • Sales Call
  • Cold Call

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